Migrating from Asset Bank to Dash

Learn about the migration process and what is and isn't migrated

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About the migration

If you are an existing Asset Bank customer and choose to migrate to Dash, if you wish we can migrate your assets from your Asset Bank to your new Dash account.

What is migrated?

We will migrate all assets and selected associated metadata on your behalf.

We will migrate all of the following asset metadata:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Folder

  • Tags

  • Date Created

  • Any custom attributes you have created

What isn't migrated?

The following Asset Bank attributes are not migrated to Dash unless specifically agreed in advance:

  • Expiry Date

  • Date Last Modified and Last Modified By

  • Date Last Downloaded

  • Active Status

  • Activation Date

  • Version

  • Approval Status

  • Related/Parent/Child asset relationships

This is because these attributes are controlled by built-in functionality in Asset Bank whereas such functionality does not exist in Dash and so maintaining these values would be a manual process. If you would like to retain this metadata, let us know in advance and we will create a custom field and populate it with this information. Just note that from that point onwards, you will need to keep this information up to date manually.

If you rely on any of these attributes then please speak to us before migrating so we can ensure there is no disruption to your experience.

Can I keep using Asset Bank while the migration takes place?

Yes - you can still use your Asset Bank up until the point we confirm the migration has been completed, although we recommend not uploading any assets to Asset Bank once you've advised us to begin the migration. 

If you do upload any assets to Asset Bank during the migration, don't worry - we will copy these over as well.

When do I lose access to my Asset Bank?

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, your Asset Bank will be disabled two weeks after we confirm the migration has been completed.

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