How to import a large number of users

Learn how to import a lot of users in one go

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Sometimes you may want to add a lot of users in one go, which can be time-consuming if you invite them individually.

We can help you import users in bulk.

To bulk import users

1. Prepare your Dash

First, create any permission groups in Dash that you would like to assign to any users you will be importing. These need to be created first before the users are imported.

2. Prepare the import spreadsheet

  1. Click File > Make a copy

  2. Add your company name to the sheet title

  3. Now populate the sheet with the email addresses of all users you'd like to import. You can also stipulate, for each user:

    1. What permission group/s they should have assigned (ignore for admins)

    2. Whether they should be an admin

    3. Whether they require their uploads to be approved (only applicable for users assigned with a contributor permission group)

    4. Whether they can upload other users' uploads (applies to non-admins only)

ℹ Only add new users who don't already exist in your Dash account. Any existing email addresses we find in the sheet will be skipped.

ℹ For users in multiple groups, separate each group with a semicolon (;)

3. Share the sheet with us

  1. Share the spreadsheet with, with full edit access

  2. It helps to send us a message using the in-app chat to let us know you've done this

  3. We'll import the users for you

  4. Each imported user will be sent an invitation email which will guide them with setting up their account (they'll need to create a password)

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