If you are a freelancer or agency working with multiple brands, Dash is a great tool to recommend to your clients. Not only will they be grateful that you introduced them to an extremely useful tool, but you can earn money on an ongoing basis!

We have a simple, flexible reseller programme consisting of 3 options, to suit how you want to work with us. Each option provides you with a commission – a percentage of the ongoing revenue we receive from that customer.

Option 1: Referral

Commission: 10%

You simply recommend Dash to a client and let us do the rest. We normally require you to have sold at least one Dash previously to be eligible, although we are happy to backdate the commission to include the first sale once you sell the second. You invoice us to receive your commission.

Option 2: Reselling (customer contracts with us)

Commission: 20%

You do all the presales (demos, etc) and involve us when your client is ready to sign the contract. Your client becomes a Dash customer, and receives invoices from us. You invoice us to receive your commission.

Option 3: Reselling (customer contracts with you)

Commission: 20%

You do all the presales, the customer signs a contract with you and is invoiced by you on an ongoing basis. We invoice you regularly for the price of Dash minus your commission. This option requires you to sign our reseller agreement contract as, in effect, you are our customer for all the resold accounts.

For all three options, we would provide ongoing help and support to all users of Dash through the in-app help chat and email. We do not offer white-labelling (i.e. you can't pretend Dash is your solution - sorry!)

What can I expect as a reseller?

  • Training and support from the Dash team so you feel comfortable doing demos and discussing requirements and features.

  • Access to create free trial accounts so you can provide them to your clients.

  • A regular income from Dash!

  • Happy clients, with a lot more time on their hands 😊

How do I join Dash's reseller programme?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Dash then just get in touch via our website or email help@dash.app. We would love to work with you!

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