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Cookies are files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website.

On Dash we use cookies to facilitate specific functionality, to make your experience more bespoke, for security, authentication and error tracking, and to analyse how Dash is used and how best we can improve it.

Essential cookies

These are used to make the application work properly, enhance the product experience and for security and error reporting. For that reason they are always on. You can disable them by changing your browser settings, but this will affect proper functioning of Dash.


What they are for

intercom-id-*, intercom-session-*,


These are used by the Intercom messenger we use in Dash to provide in-app support.



expires_at, id_token,

access_token, auth0, auth0_compat, co*, _co*, __cf_bm

These are security cookies to keep you logged in and authenticated. The exact combination of cookies you get varies depending on whether you log in with an email and password or using a Google or Microsoft account.


This piece of local storage is used to report any errors that occur in Dash.

__tnp, csrftoken, IDENTITY_FE_SERVICE, visitor_id, zapforeversession, zapidentity, zapsession

These are used by Zapier as part of showing you the popular pre-configured Zaps on the Integrations page within the admin area


Local storage used to support the viewing of PDFs in your Dash.


Remembers that you have dismissed the banner reminding you that you're in a free trial. Expires after 24 hours.


Remembers that you have hidden the suggested fields on the fields admin page

show_festive_mode, show_pride_mode

Remembers whether you have switched on one of our seasonal modes.

mp_**_mixpanel, __mpq_**_ev, __mpq_**_pp, __mp_opt_in_out_**

These cookies are associated with Mixpanel. They collect information about:

  • the pages you visit and how long you spend on each page

  • what you click on while you're using Dash

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