Canva is a web application that allows you to create custom designs and documents. By using the embeddable link functionality in Dash, you can directly insert your Dash assets straight into a Canva design. 

Here's how:

First, create an embeddable link to the asset you wish to embed into Canva. Find the asset you want, then click the embed icon and create your embeddable link (choose from the available preset sizes or create your own custom size).

Once you've created your embeddable link and copied it, now go to Canva and embed it. To do this:

  • Open or create a Design

  • Select "Embeds" from the menu (also found within the "More" section)

  • Paste the copied embeddable link into the "Paste web link here" URL box)

  • Click "Add to design"

  • Voila!

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